Citizen’s CY-02 Photo Printer Spits Out 4×6 Prints in 15 Seconds

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The printer company Citizen has just released a new CY-02 printer to its line-up. This could be the perfect dye sublimation photo printer for those needing to produce on-demand prints for clients.

Tuned to work at high-speed and high-capacity, the printer can output 6×4″, 7×5″, and 8×6″ prints. It uses continuous rolls of paper that produce up to 700 prints each, and it allows you to switch between a gloss or matt finish without changing the paper.


It has two printing resolution modes. The faster mode produces 300×300 dpi 6×4″ prints in under 15 seconds. The higher resolution mode spits out a 300×600 dpi print in under 20 seconds.

Other dye sublimation alternatives, like the HiTi P525L and DNP DS-RX1HS, cost $429 and $599 respectively. They do boast a faster printing speed than the Citizen CY-02, but the Citizen’s larger rolls and higher capacity that give it the edge.



The printer weighs about 40 pounds (~18kg) and costs $710. The media packs, containing two rolls of paper and YMC-plus-overcoat ribbons, start from $117. It’s currently available from Europe, so to get it in the USA you’ll have to ship from overseas.