Fornite Battle Royale Mode Could See the Fortnite Save the World Mode Be Killed: Report

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  • Save the World is Fortnite’s cooperative game mode
  • It launched with the game in July 2017
  • Due to success of Fornite Battle Royale it might be killed off

Epic Games’ third-person shooter Fortnite may lose its Save the World mode. It’s the mode the game launched with in July 2017 allowing for cooperative play against hordes of AI-controlled enemies. Fortnite was launched as a paid early access game with plans to be free-to-play when Epic felt it was ready.

However with each update it appears that the game’s Battle Royale mode is where most of Epic’s efforts are going for this PC, PS4, and Xbox One game. It’s something fans have noted, taking to the Fortnite subreddit to voice their concerns.

“In response to your post, Save the World will definitely continue and we have more to bring you in the coming months. We’ve recently released some roadmaps(found at the bottom of the patch notes) with some upcoming content and additions we have planned. Some of those timeframes may adjust, but those are our goals. In our last Dev Update video we also mentioned that Epic has most certainly not abandoned Save the World. We understand the frustration on some things that were not communicated properly. We have been working to increase our presence on our StW [Save the World] social channels, but we still have room to improve and will continue to do so,” a post from Epic on the Fortnite subreddit reads.

Nonetheless, Fortnite’s Save the World mode is subject to several issues that are yet to be fixed, according to VG 247 a host of issues regarding its UI are yet to be rectified. The community has been up in arms about this for awhile now and suspect that Battle Royale is the reason for the lack of attention to Save the World.

“Battle Royale has blown up far faster and bigger than Epic could have possibly expected. Does it cut its losses and focus on where the money/momentum is, or does it stick to its guns and believe in the original vision? Based on the patch notes and more importantly the future plans for the game, it looks like the future focus is on Battle Royale. This post was made before Paragon [Epic’s attempt at taking a stab at Dota 2 and League of Legends] was cancelled. Back when people were only beginning to put two and two together and see that maybe Save the World was not on Epic’s long-term development map. Now that people have begun to distrust Epic’s word, no one knows what to believe,” writes Dan Hastings on VG247.

Though it is important to note that Save the World is paid at this juncture while Battle Royale is available for free. Could Epic decide to support the mode it launched Fortnite with when it goes free-to-play or would it be killed before that could determine the direction the rest of the industry takes when planning roadmaps for their games.