Overwatch Lunar New Year: Everything we know

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Blizzard Entertainment has announced the next seasonal event coming to Overwatch. This time it’s the second iteration of Lunar New Year which will undoubtedly see the arrival of new skins, sprays, highlight intros and more for all your favourite heroes.

We’re pretty excited to celebrate the Year of the Dog in Overwatch here at Trusted Reviews, so we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Overwatch Lunar New Year – What is it?

Lunar New Year is one of several seasonal events held for Overwatch throughout the year. This one celebrates the new year in eastern culture with plenty of extravagant costumes, fireworks and adorable decorations.

Of course, it’s also an excuse for hardcore players to grind away experience in the hope of bagging their favourite cosmetics.


Overwatch Lunar New Year Modes – Anything new?

It’s probably safe to assume that Capture the Rooster will be making a return to arcade playlists. This mode saw the objective in Capture the Flag replaced with a rooster that players must rob from the enemy and rush back to their allied base. It was fun, although it’d be nice to see something new in addition to it.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Dates – When is it?

Blizzard recently announced the event’s forthcoming start date on social media. This year’s occasion will begin on February 8. How long it will last remains unconfirmed, but our money is on a couple of weeks at minimum.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Skins – What’s been confirmed?

No new cosmetics have been confirmed thus far, although all of last year’s skins, sprays, emotes and highlight intros will be available at a reduced price.

For example, a limited edition legendary skin once available for 3000 coins will now be reduced to 1000. So, if you’ve got a stockpile of currency waiting in the wings it’d be best to hang onto it for now.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Trailer – How’s it look?

Much like its cosmetics, Blizzard is yet to reveal specifics for this year’s event, although you can expect a bunch of information in the coming days.

For now, you can find the trailer from last year’s event for a rough indication of what’s to come:

Source: trustedreviews.com