The Steam Halloween, Black Friday, and Winter Sale dates have been leaked

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Steam Sales are like busses, you wait ages for one, then three come along at once. And thanks to a leak on Reddit (that has now been deleted) we know the exact dates for the Steam sales that are coming up for the rest of the year.

The Steam Halloween Sale is first up, starting in just a few days time, unsurprisingly straddling the Halloween weekend, so you can get your hands on some discounted games to play between trick or treaters and costume party preparations.

The Steam Halloween Sale is followed shortly after by the Black Friday sale, and the Winter sale.

  • Steam Halloween Sale dates: October 26 – November 1
  • Steam Black Friday Sale dates: November 22 – November 28
  • Steam Winter Sale dates: December 21 – January 4

Double the discounts

The Reddit post was removed due to being unverified with no mention of a source, but you can rest assured that the information is accurate as it was verified by Eurogamer.

What’s interesting is that the Halloween Sale is double the length it usually is, lasting a full seven days. Thankfully Valve has stopped doing flash sales so any bargain will be live the entire sale, but it’s still possible to miss good deals (and buy games that you shouldn’t).

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, bookmark our Steam Sales page, and check back regularly to make sure you’re always making the most of the sales.