VyprVPN review

It's important to have a well informed opinion about the technology you're buying.

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  • From $5.72 per month


A VPN can protect your online privacy, in addition to giving you access to content that may be blocked in your region. To find out more, check out our article all about what is a VPN.

VyprVPN gives you the option of two pricing plans, both offering multiple simultaneous connections to different exit nodes. The cheapest is £4.08/month for 3 simultaneous connections, billed yearly. There’s also a monthly billing option, which is £6.95. for 5 connections, falling to £5.83 when billed annually.

Billing is through credit cards, PayPal and the Chinese Alipay, and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Like most other VPNs, there is a free trial, but this lasts just 3 days.

Once installed, simply click the Google-style location pin to the right of the Connect button. This produces a long list of countries and server locations. The list itself is comprehensive, with a ping time showing the responsiveness of each server location in milliseconds. With over 700 servers worldwide, connection quality is solid.

VyprVPN’s bandwidth graph shows you how much traffic you’re using regardless of whether the VPN is engaged or not. This is very useful in cases where your streaming resolution suddenly falls. You can see if the connection is failing, or more data is coming into the buffer and the quality is about to improve.

At the time of writing, accessing US-only Netflix content results in a denial message about using a proxy. However, other national broadcasters and TV stations are less fussy, and will happily let you stream their content. I even tried the company’s unique Chameleon protocol, which attempts to hide VPN traffic, but this didn’t allow me to stream Netflix US.

VyprVPN’s parent, Golden Frog GmbH, is based in Switzerland and operates outside the “14-eyes” group of countries. The company’s privacy policy says it keeps IP addresses, bytes transferred, and connection times for 30 days to enable it to bill customers, and to “handle crimes performed over the service”.

If you’re just watching a bit of foreign TV, the Feds won’t come after you. Peer-2-peer traffic is also allowed, but the company urges users to respect local copyright laws.

There is a kill switch, in case your connection drops and your traffic becomes exposed, but this is not engaged by default. You can also play a sound on connection and disconnection from the VPN.

Other platforms include Mac and iPhone, Android, routers, and some unusual ones, including Blackphone and QNAP.

The Android version is a doddle to use. Simply select a server location and connect. There’s also an option to block known malicious sites on Android, which VyprVPN Support says uses a list of bad URLs stored locally.

Overall, the people who will benefit most from VyprVPN are families. The basic 3-connection deal is cheap enough to keep everyone happy, as is the Premium 5-connection package. It’s just that lack of Netflix US access that counts against it.


A family VPN offering great value for money from multiple simultaneous connections. However, no access to Netflix US means some potential users could look elsewhere.

Source: techadvisor.co.uk