The Samsung Galaxy S9 is the cheapest it has ever been: £100 cheaper than the OnePlus 6T

It's important to have a well informed opinion about the technology you're buying.


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Yours for just £399 after cashback from Samsung

The Galaxy S9 would be sitting right at the top of our best smartphones list, if Samsung hadn’t made it so damned expensive. Going back to our March review now, the subtext is pretty clear: this is as good as it gets, but at this price it’s just not worth dropping the extra cash over its rivals.

The thing is, that verdict was when it cost £739. For £399 SIM-free, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Never mind the fact that the S10 is probably only a few months away: it probably won’t be that much better and it will probably *will* be a lot more expensive again.

To be clear, you’ll have to actually put down £499 – but you’ll get £100 back directly from Samsung. The retailers offering it at this price are Fonehouse and Appliances Direct, so just take your pick of those two. If you want the renowned John Lewis guarantee, you can also get it there – though you’ll pay £70 more, so you’re probably best off just getting phone insurance.

Whichever retailer you pick, the next steps are the same. Within 30 days of purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S9, visit the Samsung cashback site and enter the IMEI number on the site. Provide contact and bank details, along with proof of purchase and you’ll get £100 back with you within 30 days of claim validation. Not bad at all.

At £399, it’s £100 cheaper than the OnePlus 6T and £600 cheaper than the iPhone Xs. Performance, however, is virtually identical to the former and only a little behind the latter. You’re getting the best AMOLED screen in the business, top performance and one of our favourite cameras alongside little extras like wireless charging and expandable storage. Oh, and unlike the OnePlus 6T or iPhone Xs, it has a headphone jack.